Move Network Server Room Los Angeles

move-network-server-roomLos Angeles Cabling Moving Your Server Room

A network server room quickly becomes the heart of any business. It is the center of communications. And, no business can survive without good communication. That communication may include telephone, Internet, email, or a host of other options. But no matter what form it takes, communication with other business, customers, clients and the world is the key to a successful business.

The network server room is what makes good communication possible. However, problems may arise when a business needs to move their server room. There can be many reasons for moving a server room. Perhaps the business has simply outgrown the room where the server is currently located. No matter the reason, moving the server room can be a very complicated procedure. Over time, many types of network cabling may have accumulated. Most people would be slow to take on the task of moving a server room, simply because of the confusion of multiple cables.

What Is Network Cabling

This type of cabling involves the set up of a network to make it functional. This means that computer within the same building are able to communicate with each other. It also means that this network of computers is able to communicate with the outside world.

Setting up cabling for a network involves many facets, such as data cabling, voice wiring, and can even include the need for audio video cable. If the business needs to move their server room, all of this cabling may need to be redone. The prospect of moving all of these cables is what makes people want to avoid a move like this. LA Cabling is able to help with this type of move even if Los Angeles Cat5e cabling or Los Angeles Cat6 cabling are needed.

What Are Your Network Requirements?

LA Cabling can help with the task of moving your server room, including the moving of the data cabling and voice wiring. However, one of the first steps is to determine the requirements for your network. Will you use fiber optic cabling? This can prove to be a more costly investment, but can definitely save money in the long run. Will you need audio video cable?

One factor to consider when determining your network requirements is the amount of bandwidth that you will need. Fiber optic cabling allows for faster data speeds and for more data to be passed at one time. If your bandwidth requirements will be high, this type of cabling might be worth the extra expense.

Do’s and Don’ts of Data Network Cabling

There are a few important tips to remember when planning a move of your server room.

Do use the correct cable for the job. If a function requires Los Angeles Cat5e cabling or Los Angeles Cat6 cabling, don’t try to cut corners by using an inferior type of cabling.

Don’t allow cables to collect in jumbled piles. Go ahead and sort the cables out in the beginning. This can help eliminate a lot of problems, later.

Do use color coded cables, when possible. This can make later repair or diagnostic tasks much shorter.

Don’t assume. If you are not sure of yourself, ask for help with your cabling needs.

Call LA Cabling for help with moving your server room. We can help make the process much less stressful for you.