Our Approach To Network Cabling Solutions For Burbank

fiber-optic-cabling-burbankWe provide the highest possible quality of work on each and every project through our thorough, detail oriented process. Our approach to network cabling solutions is thus:

A walkthrough the project will be performed prior to installation by our Project Manager. The Project Manager will work together with you IT staff to determine your needs before embarking on a project.

We assess all of your needs, including power usage, the best locations for communication closets, the specifics of setting up paging systems and figuring the appropriate number of voice and video drops for each location.

A project is proceeded with only upon reaching an agreement which meets all of the customer’s needs. From this point until completion of the installation, the Viewpoint Project Manager becomes the customer liaison for all aspects of the project.

During the installation process, the Project Manager is responsible for handling:

  • Making sure phases of the project remain on schedule
  • Identifying work not present in the original plan which needs to be performed, presenting this for customer approval and working this into the preexisting project plan.
  • Ensuring that the customer remains in the loop as to the progression of the project every step of the way. SCT Products is willing and able to take on any project on its own, or as part of a team with direction coming from the customer. We are able to take care of any construction which may be before beginning a job. Our methods keep the growth of your company and how technological advances may affect your needs firmly in mind. By building in scalability and using flexible design solutions, we ensure that your system can grow right along with your company.

These are the stages in which workflow proceeds, generally speaking:

  • Determining the needs of the customer
  • Planning and design
  • Pre-installation setup and preparation
  • Installation
  • System testing

SCT Products is sensitive to the needs of our customers – and we have the flexibility to work with you and can enter this process at any point that you need us.